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Here is a list of Johnny's known participation in music videos and short films from 2015 onwards. For videos from 1991-2014, please visit Page 1.
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2015    Butch Walker: Afraid Of Ghosts - a Film by Noah Abrams
2015    Dior Sauvage Promotional Film
2017    Asahi Beer Commercial
2017    Marilyn Manson - Say10
2017    Marilyn Manson - Kill4Me

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A1) Butch Walker: Afraid Of Ghosts - a Film by Noah Abrams
First posted on February 6, 2015, made private, and then released officially on March 12, 2015.  This is a short film made by Noah Abrams about the making of Butch's album, Afraid Of Ghosts.  Included is the guitar solo Johnny contributed to the song 21+.

aog 1   aog 2   aog 8   aog 11   aog 13   aog 14

aog 15   aog 16   aog 17   aog 18   aog 21   aog 23

Afraid Of Ghosts: a Film by Noah Abrams on YouTube

A2) Dior Sauvage Promotional Film
Released on September 1, 2015.  Directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Music by Ry Cooder.  This 1:20 film was part of a promotional effort to introduce Dior's new fragrance, Sauvage, with Johnny's participation.

sauvage 1   sauvage 2   sauvage 3   sauvage 4   sauvage 5

sauvage 6   sauvage 7   sauvage 8   sauvage 9   sauvage 10

Dior Sauvage - The New Fragrance (Official Director's Cut) on YouTube
Information about the musical aspect of the film

A3) Asahi Beer Commercial
Footage Released on May 29, 2017. In the commercial, Johnny trades guitar licks with Japanese star Masaharu Fukuyama on a rooftop, and then they make a toast with a can of Asahi Super Dry beer.  Johnny plays his faithful Duesenberg Signature guitar.  Both the commercial and some behind the scenes footage surfaced at the end of May.

asahi 144   asahi 145   asahi 1   asahi 136   asahi 642   asahi 959

asahi 180   asahi enh   asahi h60   asahi 00w   asahi 896   asahi 846   asahi 994

asahi banner

Asahi beer commercial and behind the scenes

A4) Marilyn Manson: Say10
Released on October 9, 2017.  The song is from Marilyn's album Heaven Upside Down.  In an interview with Howard Stern, Marilyn teased the video's storyline: “I don’t want to spoil any of the video but … he’s like the White King, I’m sort of the Black King and I’m wearing latex. We wrestled, like we fought each other like Cain and Abel, and I won. I’m gonna say I took him.”

say10 1   say10 2   say10 3   say10 4   say10 5

say10 6   say10 7   say10 8   say10 9   say10 10

Say10 on YouTube

A5) Marilyn Manson: Kill4Me
Released on November 13, 2017.  This song is also from Marilyn's album Heaven Upside Down.  Please Note: this video is extremely explicit!  There is sex and nudity content and lyrics that contain violence.  A very daring and provocative work!

k4m 1   k4m 2   k4m 3   k4m 4   k4m 5

k4m 6   k4m 7   k4m 8   k4m 9   k4m 10

Kill4Me on YouTube

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See also the JD Rocks! Musical Characters Gallery for Johnny's participation in the musical original closing credits to the Pilot and the Season 2 Finale of 21 Jump Street, and the Documentaries section for his participation in long-form music-related documentaries.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street is not strictly a music video, but it is the first feature film in which Johnny has a role that features substantial singing.  Sweeney Todd was released on Region 1 DVD on April 1, 2008.  See the JD Rocks!  Sweeney Todd page and Galleries for more on the film!

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