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     This section will contain info and tidbits about some of the musicians that were playing in South Florida in the 70's and 80's.  For now, it will feature only official releases and published material, but I am amenable to expanding it in the future.  If you have any additions for this section, please contact me!

Charlie Pickett

charlie pickett

Genre:  rock/country/blues/punk
Bands:  The Eggs, MC3

Official releases:
  • 1979:  Feelin' (single)
  • 1979:  If This is Love...Can I Get My Money Back? (single)
  • 1982:  Live At The Button (with The Eggs)
  • 1986:  Route 33
  • 1988:  The Wilderness (with The MC3)
  • 2008:  Bar Band Americanus


Critical Mass
critical mass

Genre: rock/punk/pop

Official releases:
  • 1978:  Silver Screen b/w No One Left To Blame (45 rpm single)
  • 1981:  It's What's Inside That Counts
  • 2008:  It's What Counts That's Inside

The Livesays

Genre: rock/blues/roots rock
Billy Livesay, Eddie Zyne, Jorge LaPlume, Cuqui Berrios, Tim Murphy
Related bands: Slyder, Clarence Clemons and the Temple of Soul

The Livesays continue to perform frequently in South Florida and other locations.  Go check them out!

Official releases:
  • 2011:  Rose Colored Glasses
  • 2014:  Faith, Hope and Love
  • 2016:  Hold On…Life Is Calling
    • Awesome reviews and praise for Hold On... Life Is Calling:
      • The kind of commercial classic rock that doesn’t make hipsters feel self conscious for liking this stuff, the voice, the tunes and the moves all merge into a swell stew of the rock we grew up with and still think is out there.  “Not only do you get some eloquent melodies on this disc, but you also get some thought- provoking material that will no doubt make an impact on you as a listener.”  -- Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville
      • “Hold On… Life Is Calling exudes the talent and ambition necessary to elevate the Livesays into the upper strata of current contenders. Indeed, in addition to life, fame may be calling as well”. – Lee Zimmerman Elmore Magazine
      • “As singer/songwriter, lead guitarist and frontman for The Livesays, Billy Livesay, takes the pop-rock music art form to new heights with The Livesays 2016 Springsteen influenced release : “Hold On … Life Is Calling”. -- Robert Silverstein -
      • “Hold On… Life Is Calling delivers 13 chewy hunks of pop rock bliss. Without a doubt Billy Livesay has a terrific voice, impassioned and dramatic, and when it coincides with a suitably vast tune, the results are mesmerizing.” —
      • “Billy Livesay’s soulful voice and deeply heartfelt lyrics make this new album a must-have in any self-respecting classic rockers music collection” — Anne Carlini - CD Reviews
      • “Do not make the mistake of passing over this release . Give a listen to The Livesays, and I swear you will not be disappointed! “ —
      • "This album gets 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars. You must check this one out!!” — Music Guru Radio
      • “Melodic rock fans should eat this one up. It’s an enjoyable album from a group of veteran musicians who have been around the block a time or two.” —
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