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    Robert Rodriguez is an acclaimed director, screenwriter and producer from Austin, TX.  He is notorious for making a 1992 film, El Mariachi, for $7,000.  The film became the first in a "Mariachi" trilogy including Desperado and Once Upon A Time In Mexico, the last of which featured Johnny Depp.  In addition, he made four Spy Kids movies, as well as the first two of an intended trilogy of Sin City films, among others.  He is known for making action films with low budgets, and often serves in multiple roles as filmmaker.  Among many of Rodriguez's abilities is that of a talented musician.  He has often composed and produced music for his own movies, and he is an accomplished guitarist.  
     Rodriguez formed a band, Chingon, initially to provide some songs to his 2003 film, Once Upon A Time In Mexico.  The word chingón is Mexican slang for "bad ass."  The band consists of Austin area musicians, including the Spanish band,
Del Castillo, Carl Thiel, Rafael Gayol of Bob Schneider's band, Cecilio Ruiz from the HeeBeeJeeBee's, and others, including Rodriguez as guitarist.  Chingon provided the songs Cuka Rocka and Siente Mi Amor to the Once Upon A Time In Mexico soundtrack, and then later reformed for the CD, Mexico and Mariachis, which included additional music not included on the soundtracks to the Mariachi trilogy.  They released their debut studio album, Mexican Spaghetti Western, in 2004, and they have done live shows in the Austin area.  
     Also in 2004, Rodriguez' good friend Quentin Tarantino asked him to contribute music to his film Kill Bill: Vol. 2.  The Chingon arrangement of the classic song Malagueña Salerosa was used for the film's closing credits, and Tarantino reportedly paid Rodriguez $1 for the effort (Rodriguez later reportedly paid Tarantino $1 to direct a scene from Sin City).  Chingon also performed at the premiere of the film, and the performance can be seen on the Kill Bill: Vol. 2 DVD extras.
     Chingon contributes music to the
Planet Terror portion of the Rodriguez/Tarantino film collaboration, Grindhouse, which was released in April of 2007.  They perform on the song, Cherry's Dance Of Death. Rodriguez is the primary composer for the film's soundtrack, which was released on March 27, 2007. The band also appears on the 2013 Machete Kills soundtrack.  Rodriguez himself continues to be involved in the scores and soundtracks of many of his movies, including 2014's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

Scans of some album covers and liner notes (click to enlarge):

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Robert Rodriguez and Tito & Tarantula Live (from Mexico And Mariachis):

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Robert Rodriguez and Chingon live at the Kill Bill Vol. 2 premiere:

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Robert Rodriguez Compositions
Taken from IMDb and CD liner notes

created/copyright(s)     Title {CD, Film or TV show of origin}
1994 Flying Saucer Baby {Roadracers-TV}
2001 Oye Como Spy {Spy Kids-Film}
2001 Los Robotos {Spy Kids-Film}
2002 Isle of Dreams (music) {Spy Kids 2: Island Of Lost Dreams-Film}
2002 Floop's Dream (music) {Spy Kids 2: Island Of Lost Dreams-Film}
2003 Game Over {Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over-Film}
2003 Heart Drive {Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over-Film}
2003 Spy Wedding Theme {Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over-Film}
2003 Siente mi amor {Once Upon A Time In Mexico-Film}; Mexican Spaghetti Western}
2003 Severina (with Patricia Vonne) {Mexico And Mariachis; Mexican Spaghetti Western}
2003 Theme From El Mariachi (with Alvaro Rodriguez) {Mexico And Mariachis}
2003 Once Upon A Time In Mexico (Main Titles) (with Elpidio Ramirez; adapted from film score) {Mexico And Mariachis}
2004 Se Me Paró (with Alex Ruiz and Carl Theil) {Mexican Spaghetti Western}
2004 Fideo Del Oeste (Mexican Spaghetti Western) {Mexican Spaghetti Western)
2004 Baja Sexto (with Alvaro Rodriguez) {Mexican Spaghetti Western}
2004 Mexican Sausage Link (with Tommy Nix) {Mexican Spaghetti Western}
2004 Cuka Rocka (with Mark Del Castillo and Rick Del Castillo) {Mexican Spaghetti Western}
2005 Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream (Dream, Dream) {The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl 3-D-Film}
2005 Sharkboy & Lavagirl {The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl 3-D-Film}
2007 Grindhouse {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Doc Block (with Carl Thiel) {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 The Sickos (with Graeme Revell) {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Go Go Not Cry Cry (with Rick Del Castillo) {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Hospital Epidemic (with Graeme Revell) {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Useless Talent #32 (with Rebecca Rodriguez) {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 His Prescription. Pain (with Carl Thiel) {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Cherry Darling {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 The Grindhouse Blues {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 El Wray {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Police Station Assault {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Dakota (with Carl Thiel) {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Zero To Fifty In Four {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Fury Road {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Helicopter Sicko Chopper (with Graeme Revell) {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 The Ring In The Jacket (with George Oldziey) {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Killer Legs (with Rick Del Castillo) {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Melting Member (with Graeme Revell) {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Cherry's Dance Of Death {Planet Terror-Film}
2007 Two Against The World (with Rebecca Rodriguez) {Planet Terror-Film}

Partial Discography
2001 Spy Kids soundtrack
2002 Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams score/soundtrack
2003 Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over soundtrack
2003 Once Upon A Time In Mexico soundtrack
2004 Mexico And Mariachis
2004 Kill Bill Vol. 2 soundtrack
2004 Chingon: Mexican Spaghetti Western
2005 Sin City soundtrack
2005 The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl 3-D soundtrack
2007 Planet Terror soundtrack
2010 Machete soundtrack
2011 Spy Kids: All The Time In The World in 4-D soundtrack
2013 Machete Kills soundtrack
2014 Sin City: A Dame To Kill For soundtrack

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