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     These are just some fun Johnny-music-related odds and ends that don't fit anywhere else, including songs Johnny is listening to, songs about Johnny, a custom guitar, some games and other cool stuff!  Click all images to enlarge.

Johnny Depp Rocks! Blog (archival)

I haven't updated the Johnny Depp Rocks! Blog in several years, but you can read some of my Johnny-music-related entries from 2008-2011 here:

Music that Johnny is listening to:

Johnny or his friends sometimes mention songs or albums that he is enjoying at any given time.  Here is just a sampling!

At the 2017 Glastonbury Festival, Johnny was spotted watching sets by Run The Jewels and Foo Fighters

2016 conversation with Lawrence Krauss: Elliott Smith - Needle In The Hay, to prepare for his role as Mort Rainey in Secret Window

In 2016, while attending some Grammy-related functions, Johnny gave a very nice shout-out to Run The Jewels in a Chideo chat.  He said of the hip-hop duo Killer Mike and El-P, “Run the Jewels is probably the best stuff I’ve listened to as of late. And there’s a message, which is good.  It’s brilliant musically, it’s brilliant sonically, but the lyrics have a way of touching kids and making people think.”

In 2015, Johnny called Mishka Shubaly's album Coward’s Path “Forever a favorite – sublime!”

2013 interview with Matt Everitt, about his early days: "My earliest memories are of music. My earliest memories are of like, early Stevie Wonder hits in the mid 60's.  And then certainly that kind of strange changeover from like, say, the early Beatles and Herman's Hermits into psychedelia.  And then the Byrds, and onwards, yeah."

2012 interview with 21 Jump Street costar Brie Larson:  Avett Brothers

2010 sighting:  at a Justin Bieber concert; has said in interviews that he is a "Belieber"
2010 interviews:  The Monkees - Daydream Believer
2010 interviews:  Sunset Rubdown

2009 interviews:  Bat For Lashes - Two Suns (album), Daniel
2009 interviews:  Augie March - One Crowded Hour

2009 Vanity Fair article (hold onto your hats, folks!):  Keith Richards - 1977 covers of All I Have To Do Is Dream (Everly Brothers) and The Nearness Of You (Hoagy Carmichael), Artie Shaw - Nightmare, Glen Campbell - Galveston, Tom Waits, Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Iggy Pop, Warren Zevon, Tom Petty, James Booker, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, REM, Augie March, Crosby, Stills & Nash. link

2007 interviews:  Bright Eyes - Cassadaga (album)

2003 interview:  Keep your lamp trimmed and burning - Blind Willie Johnson

2000 Studio interview:  Charles Trenet - La Mer ("The most beautiful song in the world, for me, is 'The Sea' by Charles Trenet.")

1995 unknown interview:  Aerosmith - Seasons of Wither (in response to a question about a song that meant everything to him when he was 12 or 13 and just picking up a guitar)

miscellaneous interviews:  Berlin - Take My Breath Away

1990 Hot magazine interview:  The Replacements, Iggy Pop, Louis Armstrong, The Sex Pistols, and The Clash link

See the Johnny Depp Rocks! Johnny's Musical Heroes page for more of his longstanding musical inspirations!

TV and Films in which Johnny has sung (or chanted or rapped):
  • 21 Jump Street (the TV series)
  • Arizona Dream
  • What's Eating Gilbert Grape
  • Secret Window
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
  • Public Enemies
  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Rango
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Into The Woods
  • Black Mass
  • Funny or Die Presents: Donald Trump's The Art Of The Deal: The Movie

Songs with Johnny Depp in the title:
(sometimes kindly, sometimes not so much so!)

4Kuba   kiley evans
Others with Depp:
(Many of these songs are also available on iTunes)

Songs that mention Johnny:
  • Phoenix Blues, by The Weird 
  • and of course, Michael Stipe, by P (live version from March 17, 1993)

More found from lyrics search (note: some of these lyrics have explicit content!)

Other songs about Johnny:
  • Once Upon A Time, by Smoken Listen on CD Baby and read about the connection to Johnny

Bands with Johnny in the name:
  • Gay For Johnny Depp (broke up in 2011)
gay1   gay2   theory   politics   gfjd2011   boize   manthology

  • Johnny Depp Clones (now defunct) 
    "pop rock glam band from featuring porn star Chris Green, drag stars Chi Chi La Rue and Karen Dior, guitarist peter X, J. Lyons and St. Robert"
JD clones disc   JD clones front   JD clones liner   JD clones back

12" vinyl EP: All-American Boy

all american boy

  • Johnny Depp, The Band
          An indie pop band that has released an album called Hovercraft on Boo Boo Records.
          Johnny Depp, The Band's MySpace page
  • John Depp has also released a some mixtapes: Should'a Been An Album 1, 2, and 3, as well as a single, Buss A Move, from #3
JD 1   JD2   shoulda 3   mixtape3
  • Brief interview with this John Depp, Jonathan “John Depp” Ruiz, at

Other Johnny-related albums:
In addition to soundtracks of movies that Johnny starred in, there are occasionally other albums released that have a Johnny-related theme.  
  • Music From The Films Of Johnny Depp (2009), by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir conducted by James Fitzpatrick
  • The Music From Johnny Depp Movies (2011), by Movie Sounds Unlimited
  • Music From Johnny Depp Films (2012), by Soundtrack Classics

Waiting For Johnny Depp (The Musical):

In July of 2014, Houston's Theatre Under The Stars Underground announced its slate for 2014/2015.  Among them was a musical called Waiting For Johnny Depp, a one-woman show about an actress who's trying to land a role in a movie with Johnny.  The show was performed from Jan. 22 to Feb. 1 of 2015.  Another production of the show is playing at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA beginning March 25, 2016.

waitingforJD title   waitingforJD   waiting jd poster

Books: Gimme Shelter
gimme shelter   jd gs

Gimme Shelter is a beautiful coffee table book released in 2014 by photographer Suzanne Allison.  The book features celebrities and their pets.  One of the aims of this book is to create awareness for animal rights.  Gimme Shelter's motto is:  "SPAY/NEUTER and MICROCHIP!"  Johnny wrote the foreword, and he is featured in several photos, posing with his dogs and with a painting of his dog, Mooh.  He poses with a guitar in several of the photos.  Order the book HERE!

Books: Shades Of Elvis

In 2014, photographer Christopher Ameruoso teamed up with Priscilla Presley, widow of Elvis, to publish a photo book called Shades Of Elvis.  Johnny was one of over 75 celebrities featured.  All of the celebrities were photographed by Ameruoso wearing Elvis' signature sunglasses, with quotes about Elvis from each celebrity.  A huge Elvis fan, Johnny was of course an obvious choice to participate.  The book is available through the Shades Of Elvis Official Site.  See also a Promo Video and a video interview with Ameruoso for the book.

shades cover   shades bts   ameruoso1   ameruoso2

Magazines: Guitar (Germany)

Johnny is on the cover of the September 2014 issue of German Guitar Magazin. Johnny is pictured from his performance with the Black Keys at the MTV Video Awards in 2012.  Thanks to Ina and Claudia for their help with the content, which includes some information about some of Johnny's guitars, with a spotlight on Johnny's Signature Duesenberg.  Johnny is also shown with The Kids and posing with friends Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, and Keith Richards, and the P album is shown. Though neither Johnny Depp Rocks nor I received credit, I was contacted by the magazine prior to publication and I did give assistance. 

guitar cover   guitar index

Stars who can sing… and those who should zip it

Of course, Johnny is a "star who can sing," and this March 2014 New York Post article agrees!  They list several stars who can sing (Emma Thompson, Anna Kendrick, Sasha Baron Cohen, Kevin Spacey, Anne Hathaway, and of course, Johnny).  They also list several stars who they say "should stick to lip-syncing."  Let's be nice here, so for that list, you'll have to read the article!

Moonlighting Rocker Johnny Depp: A Guitar-Playing Pirate Looks at 50

In honor of Johnny's 50th Birthday on June 9, 2013, Yahoo Music takes a retrospective look at some of his notable musical pursuits during his first 50 years.  Here's hoping for an equal number of great musical collaborations during his next 50 years!

Johnny is an Unexpected Musician

In 2010, the National Association of Music Merchants unveiled a list of "Unexpected Musicians," which features Johnny and other celebrities.  You can see it at  Check back as more musical celebrities are added to the list!

Johnny is the Favorite Movie Star Turned Musician

In 2012, Johnny won a People's Choice poll:  "In honor of Sunday's Oscars, has listed their favorite Movie Stars Turned Musicians. Which of these 5 is your favorite?"  (Never mind that Johnny was actually a musician before he started acting!)  Johnny won by a whopping 69%, followed by Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black, and Steve Martin. 

people's choice

The poll had been a followup to the Billboard piece on "25 Awesome Movie Stars Turned Musicians."  They saved the best for last, featuring Johnny on page 25.  There is also a short YouTube snippet of him playing guitar on The Man That Knows Too Much at the August 29, 2008 Sheila Witkin benefit.

The Collings I-35 Deluxe Guitar has been dubbed the "Johnny Depp"

By Guitar Player Magazine, "because he's a striking movie star who can carry Hollywood blockbusters, and still be believable in dark indie films.  The I-35 can do it all, as well, but, like a box-office champ, it'll cost you big time for the privilege of its partnership."

Gear magazine

Epiphone designed a limited edition
Pirates of the Caribbean Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar:

les paul guitar

See also Epiphone's web site, though it doesn't include information on this limited edition.

New Rango Plays Guitar

    We all enjoyed the 2011 film Rango, in which Johnny's chameleon briefly strikes some poses with a guitar.  Some sharp-eyed person found the real "Rango" chameleon actually posing with a guitar-shaped leaf!  You can find anything on the Internet these days!!

rangoguitar   rangoplayingguitar

Musical Tattoos

     In 2012, Johnny and his long time friend and bandmate Bill Carter both got tattoos of a boy playing a guitar.  Bill has identified the artist as his godson, Jack Depp!  Way to go, Jack!


Tommy Henriksen is not Johnny Depp:

tommy henriksen

Alice Cooper Band guitarist Tommy Henriksen proudly displays his t-shirt proclaiming himself not to be Johnny Depp.  The photo was taken in 2014.

April Fools!

     On April Fool's Day in 2008, one witty news station decided to print a bogus story about a benefit concert Johnny was allegedly putting together... for "gangland preservation."  Here is the article (mistakes in the text have not been corrected):

News From 91.3 KUWS
Depp, Dylan and friends to jam in Ashland
Story posted Tuesday at 1:38 p.m.

The star of the movie "Public Enemy" will hold a concert in Ashland. Mike Simonson reports that while shooting the movie in Wisconsin, Johnny Depp is taking up the cause of gangland preservation.

Depp's idea has blossomed into a dream concert for the small city on Chequamegon Bay. Friends Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and Cheryl Crow are now on the ticket to appear at Ashland's Black Cat Cafe. Black Cat owner Honore Spickerman says they know this is a world-class concert, so she's going the extra mile. "Yeah, we went to the thrift store and bought a couple extra chairs and, yeah, I think we're pretty prepared." Spickerman says Depp's request for a private pirate ship on Lake Superior has them concerned. But Mayor Ed Monroe says it's a win-win for everyone. "Absolutely. I can't believe it myself. I can't remember being this excited since I've been 21 years old and heading to the taverns for the first time." Each artist has a favorite gangster: Clapton likes Bugsy Malone, Dylan is partial to Bonnie and Clyde, McCartney likes Pretty Boy Floyd and Depp, of course, likes John Dillinger, the lead character in "Public Enemy". Monroe says this should be good for tourism. "Oh, gangland history, I mean, everyone's got a warm spot in their heart for gangland history. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to turn out for an event like that. I mean, to have Johnny Depp there too championing it? Really." In a statement from Hollywood, Depp says quote: "If we don't preserve our gangland history now, the bullet holes of the past will just fade away." That concert is today, April first, so April Fools.

91.3 KUWS

     Even though this is an April Fools joke, any time Johnny would put together a real benefit concert would be fantastic news!

Who Wouldn't Like Johnny Depp?

In April of 2007, a new nightclub opened in Tartu, Estonia... its name is "Who Wouldn't Like Johnny Depp?"  The club sports a 1993-era photo of Johnny behind one of the bars. Read about the club in the Baltic Times.  (October 2008 note: The club used to have a website, as well, but it is no longer active.)

Who Wouldn't Like Johnny Depp?   wwljd2

Johnny's band P released a song called Michael Stipe... was even released as a 7 inch single.  What does Michael Stipe think about this??  I haven't been able to find any comments from him regarding the song.  But I did find a couple of threads from the REM forum, Murmurs, that mentioned it.  They sounded like fans!  Unfortunately, the links to the forum are no longer active.

YM headline, May 1988

YM article
Vanity Fair cover, November 2004

Johnny Rocks!

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