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Thanks and Credits:

Many thanks to Deppography alums Cassady, John and Bonnie, who gave me some great advice, hints and assistance about web-related stuff when I was first starting this site.  Thanks a
lso to the original Goddesses- MQ, Mutley, Pattie, Peri, Jaq and Del for their support and assistance.  I also appreciate all the outstanding contributions that have been posted there by all of the Deppography gang, past and present.  I can't say enough about the wonderful comraderie and enthusiasm I've had the pleasure of sharing with all the good folks there! Deep gratitude to Flynn and Dan for the early look and for subsequent help above and beyond.  John Leach and his wonderful original Springsteen Brucebase served as an inspiration for the structure of my much smaller and humbler site.

While I've made an effort to pull my own weight by doing my own scans and screen captures when possible, I owe much to so many generous members of the Johnny Depp fan community who have shared their contributions.  Same goes for digging up whatever music-related information may be out there.  Thanks and all best wishes to members of
the Johnny Depp Zone, Depp Impact, Depp Lovers, Italian Fans of Depp, JD-Org, Johnny Depp Network, Oh Johnny, JDFan, JDWeb,Inspired By Depp, InADeppTrance, Russian Fans of Johnny Depp, Tim Burton & Johnny Depp Daily News (Russian),, and many other fan sites too numerous to mention.  Much of the initial information I had that got this site started was first posted to and hosted on the Johnny Depp Reports and Johnny Depp Reads message board.  Many thanks to Karen and the members of JDR for their support and thoughtful discussions.

Special thanks to Deppsters Mary Kay, Maggy, 
Laura, Sandy, Barbara, phigalilly, chris, Lynn, Dobie/Heather, Claudia, Ina S, Gilbert's Girl, Cheyenne, Bat, Heather from NJ, Charley, FunkyArmadillo, Sher from FL, AnaMaria, Kazren, Idzy, Michelle B., and Phil A. for contributions above and beyond.  Extra thanks to Ringo, Bobby D, Cat, Mike from, Joey, Beano, Suzanne, Neal, Martin, Penny, Gio, Jeff, Natalie, Ken M, Alfredo D, Diane, Aaron, Yves, Joe H, Manya, Mark Z, Billy S, Kenneth, Lior R, Matt M, BC, Lauri S-A, Marco C, Jeff M, Dennis E, Billy S, Chris D, Evert W, Michelle O, Al E., Michael D, and Kieran F.

Thanks also to
Adde A, Amy H, Andrea W, Anne R, Anthony A, Arnelle, ayla, Babs, bare bones, Beth, Beverly, Billie, brahms, carasun, Casey, Claude, cleo, Dana, David, Deppd'Tante, depploverforever/Sam, depputydawg, Ed B, Ellen, Em, Emma, emr, Endora, Eroz, Ester, Evelyn, evochka, firefly6, fizben, fredsangel, Gail P., garvingarvin, Gesi, Gigi F, Gina, goofysride, Gordy, Greg M., GreysRSH, guest, Gus G, humiliatedgrapes, Ian B., jackspirateprincess/Thekla, jad, jayesapirate, Jbleak1207, jdsaby, Jeanne Depp, john, johnnycake, johnnydeppfan, jojo, jokeriswe, jules, Julie, just4johnny, Katie, Kayser, Kristen, KYWoman, lakotadi, laura, Laurel, ldinka, Liz, ludi76, Mark W, Marsha, Martina, Mary C, Matt L., Максим (Maxim), Meike, Melissa, Mert Y., Michael, Michael D, Michelle, monet, moviedan, Norma, octu, Paul, prissvegeta, Raven, reemidepp, Robert D, Rubén, sabrina, shamanart, Shari, Sharin, Sherrrry, Silvia, Skid, Sophy, spitfire, Stacey, stunnedtina, sylarwantsbraaainz, taip, Tamy, Thel, theresa, Tonto's Vixen, vera, Wayne O, Winkle, and all who have offered their wonderful contributions and insights.

RIP Linda, Julie, and Bobby

Have I inadvertently omitted credit for your contributions?  Please let me know!
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About me:

My real life profession is about as far as it gets from Hollywood or a concert stage!  I am a molecular biologist, studying the genetics of kidney cancer at a prominent research institute outside of Washington, DC.  I never really liked the way science was taught to me as a kid- I remember copying notes that the teacher wrote on a chalkboard, and having to memorize the different types of clouds or the different types of rocks.  Nevertheless, I remember telling people that I wanted to be a "lady astronomer" when I grew up.  That was probably either due to the space program, or my love of cheesy sci-fi movies, or both!  By high school, I realized that science was much more fun when you got to do actual lab experiments, so I went to college as a biology major and it all went from there.  Over the years, my career has taken me up and down the East Coast, from New York (my birthplace; college) to North Carolina (graduate school) to New Jersey (post-doctoral research), and finally now here to Maryland (real job).  While the day to day routines and pressures sometimes make it seem like I have an ordinary job, it occasionally dawns on me how amazing it is to make new discoveries that have never before been known, with the hope that the knowledge may someday benefit cancer patients.

My professional skills in collecting and organizing data have no doubt helped me in building this site, but over and above that, I've always had a love of music.  I play piano and acoustic guitar, and I once played concert bells and percussion in a community band for four years.  I am also a member of the American Recorder Society.  I love everything from Classical to show tunes to Sousa marches, and almost everything in between.  But of course, I love rock and roll the most!  Even as a preteen, I was already buying a lot of albums with my allowance.  I remember my mom being worried at first because she thought it was just a phase I was going through and that the money would be wasted if I tired of the records I bought.  But she understood once she realized how much I treasured my record collection and that it would become one of my lifelong passions.  I still have a decent sized collection, including a number of vinyl LPs and 7" singles on top of lots of CDs.  I'm a longtime fan of Bruce Springsteen and have seen him in concert exactly 101 times (and counting!) since 1978.  I have also collected many live recordings and am an active participant on several Springsteen message boards.  I have many other favorite rock bands and musical artists as well, but none to quite the same degree!

Besides music, I am also a huge fan of horror and sci-fi novels, films and TV shows.  (As an avid Dark Shadows fan who has every one of the 1,225 episodes on VHS, I was thrilled when I heard of Johnny's plans to produce and star in the film version!)  I enjoy arts and crafts and wish I had more time to pursue them.  I've always loved the ocean and get there when I can, which, sadly, is never often enough.  I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and my cat Angelina.  And I love to watch Johnny Depp's movies!

The Fine Fine Print:

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