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    Bill Carter has long been a renowned songwriter from the Austin, TX area.  His earliest connection with Johnny Depp was his participation as a co-guitarist and co-bassist along with Johnny in the 90's band, P.  It is impossible to talk about Bill without including his wife, Ruth Ellsworth, who has been his songwriting partner for many years.  Even when regarding the fact that Bill was a member of P, notice that Ruth served as a guest keyboardist on the P album:

P liner

     In 1992, P was formed by Bill and Johnny, along with Sal Jenco and the Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes.  (See the JD Rocks! Bands section for more information about P!)   Bill and Ruth also collaborated with Johnny and Bruce Witkin on the Once Upon A Time In Mexico soundtrack selection, Sands Theme, released in 2003. In addition, they have long been close personal friends of Johnny and Vanessa Paradis, and their two children, Lily-Rose and Jack.  They are often seen in paparazzi shots and spotted at events in which Johnny is seen.  Bill has also been identified in recent years as Johnny's personal trainer (Bill himself has been more modest, simply explaining that they did fitness training together while in their frequent travels together).

     Bill Carter says that he began writing music in about 1968.  In 1976, he moved to Austin from Seattle.  He was in a band called The Blame, which formed in 1978.  Their music was a very edgy hard rock style, and they played many gigs in the Austin area until the early 80's.  In the early to mid 80's, Bill and Ruth were struggling to make a living as songwriters and musicians.  However, their credibility as renowned songwriters soon began to make their mark, as their compositions began to be noticed by the likes of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Fabulous Thunderbirds.  Stevie added Carter/Ellsworth compositions such as Willie The Wimp and Crossfire to his repertoire, and Why Get Up? was included on The Fabulous Thunderbirds' Tuff Enuff album.  Soon, the songwriting team of Carter and Ellsworth was one to be reckoned with, and many other artists such as Will Sexton, Terry McBride, Kent Dykes, Christine Albert and the Stray Cats' Brian Setzer were lining up to write songs with them.  

     Bill's album Stompin' Grounds showcases Bill Carter's songwriting.  
According to Jimmie Vaughan's Discography, the album was first released on South Coast Records in 1985. I have a used version of the album released by a German label, CrossCut Records, in 1988.  It features Bill on guitars and vocals, with Ruth Ellsworth guesting on vocals and piano on several tracks. 

Scans from My CD:
stompin 1  stompin'2
Alternate (original?) artwork shown on the Arts In Context special:
AIC art

    In 1988, another album called Loaded Dice was released, featuring both Stevie Ray Vaughan and his brother Jimmie on guitars.  Sadly, Loaded Dice is now out of print.  An album cover found on the web:

loaded dice

One song, Na-Na-Ne-Na-Nay, was re-released in 2007 on a Stevie Ray Vaughan compilation called Stevie Ray Vaughan & Friends: Solos, Sessions & Encores.

     There are two 90's releases shown on a now-inactive site by Penguinville Records: City of the Violet Crown and Lifelong Rhapsody.  City of the Violet Crown was released in 1994 on Down Low Records and features Denny Freeman, Reese Wynans and others.  Lifelong Rhapsody has a copyright record stating that the sound cassette was created in 1994, and published and registered in 1995.  Both albums are comprised mostly of Bill Carter/Ruth Ellsworth Carter compositions, though a few titles are not found in the copyright records.  (Thanks to Mark Z. for information about these releases!)  Cover art and track lists are here:

city of the violet crown   violet crown tracks   CotVCcover   CotVCback

lifelong rhapsody   rhapsody tracks
     Copyright records also indicate additional cassette tapes/CDs for Bill.  
Bill and Ruth have also collaborated with members of The Derailers, David Holt, and others.  They have also composed additional music for TV and films, including King Of The Hill, From Dusk Till Dawn, and The Secret Life of David Gale.

     In 1995, Bill won 9th place for Best Songwriter at the Austin Chronicle Awards.  In March of 2000, once again as part of the Austin Music Awards, Bill and Ruth were co-winners of the Decade Award for Best Song, for the song popularized by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Crossfire:

MARCH 17, 2000: MUSIC
Decade Awards
Austin Chronicle

Song of the Decade
1. "Crossfire" by Bill Carter, Ruth Ellsworth, Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, and Reese Wynans for Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
2. "Life by the Drop" by Doyle Bramhall and Barbara Logan for Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
3. "Good Day for the Blues" by David Grissom for Storyville
4. "Tick Tock" by Jimmie Vaughan for the Vaughan Brothers
5. "The Way" by Tony Scalzo for Fastball
6. "Four Leaf Clover" by Abra Moore
7. "Tumbleweed" by Gwil Owen for Toni Price
8. "Just to Hear Your Voice" by Monte Warden for Toni Price
9. "Six Strings Down" by Jimmie Vaughan
10. "Help, I'm White" by Sammy Allred for the Geezinslaws

     In 2007, Bill, Ruth, and members of Double Trouble also received a certification from BMI for the 1 millionth broadcast of Crossfire (see photo below).

     In October of 2007, the Japanese version of Vanessa Paradis' album Divinidylle was released.  This version features 2 bonus tracks not on the French release; one of them is a song co-written by Ruth and Bill called I Wouldn't Dare.  The song was later re-released on Vanessa's 2009 Best Of album.

divinidylle Japanes  best of 5  VP best of carter credit

     In the late '00's, Ruth has begun a clothing line called SWAG (sea wear and gear) based on linen pirate pants she designed for Bill and Johnny Depp to wear at the beach.  The line has an online store.  Ruth is also an acclaimed soup chef!  In 2010, Ruth collaborated with singer Candace Bellamy on an EP called A Thousand Shades of Blue, as a producer, songwriter, and artwork creator.  Bill also participated on the EP as a guitarist.  In 2013, Ruth co-wrote the song New Year with goddaughter Lily-Rose Depp and Lily-Rose's parents Vanessa Paradis and Johnny; the song was included on Vanessa's 2013 album, Love Songs.

    In the fall of 2010, Bill's new official site was launched:  Bill Carter And The Blame.  The original site had a bio, a gig calendar, photos, videos and a music store.   It was renovated in 2012  with news, photos, videos, and more, and underwent further renovations in the spring of 2013.

     On August 28, 2010, Bill participated in the Voices for Justice concert/rally in Little Rock, AR, in support of the West Memphis Three.  He and Will Sexton played Anything Made Of Paper, an original song that he and Ruth wrote specifically for Damien Echols.  He also joined Patti Smith for People Have The Power during the show's finale along with Eddie Vedder, Natalie Maines, Ben Harper, and of course, Johnny.  

    2011 was a big year in recordng for Bill.  In January, Bill released a brand new CD with Stephen Doster and Will Sexton.  The self-titled album, CarterDosterSexton (or CDS) has 14 tracks and is available in both CD form and as a digital download.  And then in July of 2011 he released an album called Behind The Barn, on Lowdown Records. 
Bill also played mandolin on Sous Le Soleil Exactement, which was Shane MacGowan's contribution to Lulu Gainsbourg's 2011 From Gainsbourg To Lulu album.

CDS   behind the barn
     On May 18, 2012, Bill and The Blame, featuring Denny Freeman, Will Sexton, Dony Wynn, Cindy Cashdollar, Andy Salmon, David Holt and Glover Gil, taped a live show at KRLU's original Studio 6A for a PBS series called Arts In Context.  The site was the original studio used for Austin City Limits, and the show was a celebration of Bill's tremendous career.

carterposter  carter pass

     The Arts In Context: Bill Carter And The Blame special aired on Austin's KLRU station on July 26, 2012, and is also available for viewing online.  This wonderful show is a fascinating look at Bill's 40+ year career as a songwriter and musician, as well as his longstanding partnership with Ruth and the strong bonds he has formed with fellow Austin musicians.  Bill and Ruth also tell some wonderful stories behind some of their songs, such as Willie The Wimp, Crossfire, Richest Man, Paris, and Anything Made Of Paper.  Will Sexton, David Holt, Dony Wynn, Andy Salmon, Denny Freeman, Billy Gibbons, and Johnny Depp are among the featured participants.  Interspersed with the interviews is performance footage from the May 18, 2012 taping.  The documentary earned Pat Kondelis an Emmy.  Here are some screen captures from the show:

aic 1  aic 3  aic 7  aic 18  aic bc2

aic bcre   aic re   aic bc4   aic bc5   aic bc7

     On October 22, 2011, while Johnny Depp was in Austin promoting The Rum Diary, he joined Bill for a late show at the Continental Club.  Billy Gibbons also performed, along with Dony Wynn, C.C. Adcock, Andy Salmon, and Denny Freeman.  On March 17, 2012, Johnny joined Bill and members of The Blame, Cindy Cashdollar, members of Mumford & Sons, and other musicians for an intimate SXSW afterparty at the Continental Club Gallery.  Then on March 29 and 30 as well as May 25, 2012, Bill and frequent musical collaborator Mike Thompson played shows in LA with Bruce Witkin, Joey Malone, and Johnny in a new role as a drummer!  Bill returned to LA on December 7, 2012, with much the same lineup with the addition of former Viper Room co-owner Chuck E. Weiss, but this time Johnny resumed his role as guitarist in a more rockin' show.  Footage from this show was taken for inclusion in a future documentary by Matt McCormack called That's What I'm Doing Here, which would have focused on the lives and careers of Bill as well as Alejandro Escovedo and Charlie Sexton.  Unfortunately, most of the footage was lost in a flood in 2013 and the documentary is unlikely to ever be released.

     In late May of 2012, the Bill Carter And The Blame Facebook Fan Page reported that Johnny contributed guitar to the track, Anything Made Of Paper.
Bill later stated in an interview with the Italian Fans Of Depp that both Anything Made of Paper and a cover of Ozzy Osbourne's Road To Nowhere, both featuring Johnny, would be featured on the West of Memphis: Voices For Justice soundtrack, the latter as a digital bonus track.  More info about the soundtrack can be found at Legacy Recordings and the West Of Memphis: Voices For Justice Official Site A version of Anything Made Of Paper is prominently featured in the West Of Memphis documentary.  The song was longlisted for a Best Original Song Oscar, and predicted by Indiewire to be in the Top 15, though it didn't not make the final list of five nominees. West Of Memphis debuted at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2012 and had its official premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8; it was released in theaters on Christmas Day, 2012.  The soundtrack was released on January 15, 2013.  Anything Made Of Paper is also featured on Bill's album Unknown, which was originally released on Bruce Witkin's Unison label on January 15, 2013.  Hear streams of all the songs from Unknown on Bill's Official Site.  

unknown  unison

     An animated music video for Anything Made Of Paper was made by Pat Kondelis and Brandon Ray.  Of course, the video is made of paper!  It had its world premiere at a video party at the One 2 One Bar in Austin on September 28, 2013, and was subsequently posted to YouTube.  An article and video about the making of the video from animator Brandon Ray is available on Vimeo. The video has been making the rounds at various film festivals throughout 2014 and has won several major awards, including:
    On January 22, 2013, the Bruce Springsteen-dedicated Sirius/XM channel, E Street Radio, debuted Bill's cover of Springsteeen's song State Trooper.  Johnny contributes lap steel guitar and drums, and the song also features Bruce Witkin on bass, Mike Thompson on keyboards, and Bill on vocals and all other instruments.  State Trooper was later available as a stream on  


     Bill made his national television debut on February 21, 2013 on Late Show With David Letterman.  Johnny was also a guest, and he, Bruce Witkin, Joey Malone, Rob Klonel and Mike Thompson accompanied Bill for a performance of Anything Made Of Paper on the show.  On March 13, 2013, Bill and Ruth were inducted into the Austin Music Hall Of Fame as part of the Austin Music Awards during SXSW.  He and The Blame played a blistering 8 song set to close the awards, joined on most songs by special guest Gary Clark Jr.

SXSW 2013

    In October and November of 2013, he was recording at E.A.R. studios.  The Tosca String Quartet has participated in the recording sessions.  Bill also participated on a new album by Kimmie Rhodes, called Covers, contributing harmonica and vocals.  In December, Anything Made Of Paper was listed at #33 among American Songwriter's Top 50 Songs Of 2013:  “'Anything made of paper' was what visitors were allowed to bring Damien Echols in prison, yet Carter’s song—which played over the closing credits of West of Memphis—focuses on everything else the falsely accused prisoner received in time: life, freedom, love, and dignity."  

     Bill started out 2014 in style, continuing to play frequently in and around Austin, and o
n February 19, he performed at Tales From The Tavern in Santa Ynez, CA; the show was filmed and recorded along with an interview.  On February 14, he announced that the title of an upcoming album will be Innocent Victims And Evil Companions.  Some tentative artwork was shown on Facebook, with word that the album would have 14 tracks.  While waiting for that album, Bill announced yet another project in late 2014: a mostly acoustic 11 song album called Play On, which contains songs written by Bill and Ruth and performed by Bill and Gabe Rhodes.  On December 1, Bill launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the pressing of that album; the campaign was successful and ended on December 20.

    On July 16, 2015, Bill announced to his Kickstarter backers that Innocent Victims and Evil Companions will actually be released before Play On, as a preference of his new record company, Forty Below Records.   Innocent Victims and Evil Companions was released on February 26, 2016, and one song, Recipe For Disaster, can be streamed at PopMatters
Hopefully, Play On will be released soon, and there is also another release being planned!


Important Links


      Wolfgang's Vault has a Bill Carter-related poster available for purchase, from an Antone's show from an unknown year with Brian Setzer and Charlie Sexton.  

    Some great YouTubes are available.  Check out the following links!

Bill Carter & Will Sexton (short clip from 2007)
Willie The Wimp (Continental Club, Austin TX)
Bill and Ruby Jane in Bill's kitchen (playing Old Dangerfield ca. 2008)
Bill, Ruth, Ruby Jane and others at Nuttybrown Cafe (Honky Tonk Women, May 18, 2009 Rolling Stones Tribute)
Bill Carter and the Blame with Ruby Jane at Continental Club (Oct. 3, 2009)
Bill Carter and the Blame at Antone's (Richest Man In The World, Dec. 29, 2009)
Bill Carter and the Blame at Antone's (Let it Bleed, Dec. 29, 2009)
Bill Carter and Charlie Sexton at Antone's (We Wanna Help Will Sexton benefit, Feb. 15, 2010) (suggestion: turn down volume before playing)
Bill Carter, Patti Smith, Eddie Vedder, Natalie Maines, Johnny Depp, Ben Harper and others (Voices For Justice, Aug. 28, 2010, Little Rock AR)
Carter Doster Sexton: One Dream
Bill Carter: April Mays
Carter Doster Sexton: What A Life
Bill Carter, Johnny Depp, Billy Gibbons and others at the Continental Club in Austin, October 22, 2011
Anything Made Of Paper at the El Rey Theatre March 30, 2012 and check for additional videos by stevil6662
Anything Made Of Paper on Letterman February 21, 2013
Anything Made Of Paper Music Video

     The Rivers Wanted website is run by a photographer couple who sell their photographs to help attain their dream life by the rivers of Texas.  Bill Carter is one of the musicians represented on their site, and they have kindly acknowledged this humble page (under its old Verizon URL, no longer being updated) for some of Bill's background information.  Please visit their site to see some great photos of Bill!

     Check out the fantastic 2012 Arts In Context special at KLRU, and don't forget to click on the individual links beneath the full show for live performances from May 18, 2012 of Eva Bible, Richest Man, Anything Made Of Paper, April Mays, Ball & Chain, Crossfire, Devil In Evelyn, Greg And Virginia, Paris, Poodle Dog Lounge, Willie The Wimp, and Can't Function.  Also visit the Johnny Depp Rocks! Documentaries page for more info.

Here are some great links to read more:

Some photos (click to enlarge)     

Bill from Stompin'
Grounds, 1980's
Bill with Jimmie Vaughan, 1980's
with P at SXWW
Bill with P at SXSW
Bill with P
Bill with Johnny in Japan, 2006

receiving certification for Crossfire, 2007
Bill and Ruth
in 2007

wm3 2010
Bill and Johnny,
Voices for Justice 2010

arts in context
blurb for
Arts In Context, 2012
with Johnny in
the studio,
carter letterman 1
Letterman appearance, 2013
austin hall of fame
Bill and Ruth inducted
into the Austin Music
Hall of Fame, 2013

Bill Carter/Ruth Ellsworth compositions - Mostly taken from US Copyright records, or my own collection.  Bill is listed as Bill Carter, Bill Anthony Carter, William A. Carter or William Anthony Carter, with consistent birth dates and in most cases after 1986, in conjunction with Blame Music.  Ruth is listed as either Ruth Ellen Ellsworth, Ruth Ellsworth Carter, or Ruth Ellsworth-Carter.  The compositions on the CDs, Stompin' Grounds, City Of The Violet Crown, CarterDosterSexton, and Behind The Barn are verified.

created/copyright(s)     Title {collaborator(s)}
1986/1986 Time To Tear It Down {with Will Sexton}
1984/1986 Willie The Wimp (And His Cadillac Coffin) (aka Willy The Wimp)
1984/1986 Why Get Up?
1984/1987 Roadblock
1984/1987 Mrs. Jones
1984/1987 Rock-A-Bye Hotel
1984/1987 Prairie Lee
1987/1988 Little Eve
1987/1988 Dirty Blonde
1987/1988 Loaded Dice
1987/1988 Can't You Take A Hint? {with James Hutchinson}
1987/1988 Cocktail Waitress (aka Cocktail Waitress At The Poodle Dog Lounge)
1987/1988 Winning The Battle (aka Winning The Battle, Losing The War)
1987/1988 Rock Ola
1988/1988 Hard To Please {with Will Sexton}
1986/1989 I Need A Break
1986/1989 I'll Make It Right {not on copyright records: C. Layton, T. Smedley, R. Wynans}
1987/1989 Crossfire {with Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, Reese Wynans}
1988/1989 Every Step Of The Way {with Terry McBride}
1988/1989 Burnin' Up The Road {with Terry McBride}
1988/1989 Ain't No Big Deal {with Terry McBride}
1989/1990 Jacksboro Highway {with Gary Nicholson, Wally Wilson}
1989/1990 Same Old Star {with Gary Nicholson, Terry McBride}
1988/1990 Felicia {with Terry McBride}
1988/1990 Can I Count On You? {with Terry McBride}
1990/1990 Chains Of Memory {with Terry McBride}
1988/1990 Nobody's Fool {with Terry McBride}
1990/1990 Givin' It Up For Gone {with Christine Albert}
1990/1991 T For Trouble (aka T Stands For Trouble) {with Colin James}
1990/1991 Cross My Heart (aka Cross My Heart, Hope To Die) {with Colin James}
1990/1992 Trick Rider {with Terry McBride}
1991/1992/1995 Misery Whip (An Egyptian Thief In Memphis) {with Will Sexton}
1991/1992 Lust 'n' Love (aka The Corner Of (Lust And Love)) {with Brian Setzer}
When The Boat Starts Rockin' {with Christine Albert}
1991/1993 Jumpin' The Gun {with Kent Dykes}
1991/1993 Pushin' Fire {with Kent Dykes}
1990/1994 One Rock At A Time {with Gary Nicholson, Chris Layton, Reese Wynans, Tommy Shannon}
1994 Love Letter
1994 My My Mercury
1994 Fidel's Taxi
1994/1995 Waterline {with Will Sexton}
1994/1995 Slumberhouse {with Will Sexton}
1994/1995 Anchor With A Pair Of Golden Wings
1994/1995 New Direction
1994/1995 Knoxville Farewell {and 4 other songs?}
1995/1995 Life Savor-Day Laborin' Man {with Will Sexton}
1989/1995 12:09 {with Bobby Jones}
1992/1995 A Train Running {with Christine Albert}
1989/1995 No Place A Heart Can Hide {with Terry McBride}
1991/1996 Red River {with Kent Dykes}
1991/1996 Enough Is Enough {with Kent Dykes}
1993/1996 September Skies (aka The Autumn Melody) {with Christine Schmidt, Brian Setzer}
1990/1997 Putting Out The Fire {with Colin James}
1992/1997 Cool, Daddy, Cool {and 3 other selections}
1998/1999 Lucky One More Time {with David Holt}
1999/2000 The Right Place {with Tony Villanueva}
1999/2000 Longing {with Brian Hofeldt, Tony Villanueva}
2001/2003 The Wheel {with Tony Villanueva}
xxxx/2003 Sands Theme {with Johnny Depp, Bruce Witkin}
2004 Walk On The Moon Again {& 3 other songs} {with David Holt}
2007 I Wouldn't Dare (not yet found in US copyright records)
2009/2013 Anything Made Of Paper (aka Something Made Of Paper; not yet found in US copyright records)
2010/2011 One Dream
2010/2011 Paris
2010/2011 I Can't Do Anything
2010/2011 Girl On The North Shore
2011 Tastes Like Chicken
2013 Fire On The Wire {with Randy Weeks}
2013 That's What I'm Doin' Here

Bill Carter Compositions - Mostly taken from US Copyright records, or my own collection.  Because Bill Carter and William Carter are common names, it seems that there are multiple Bill Carters in the music business.  I've tried my best to determine the correct listings by finding Bill Carter, Bill Anthony Carter, William A. Carter or William Anthony Carter, with consistent birth dates and in most cases after 1986, in conjunction with Blame Music.  In addition, the compositions on the CDs, Stompin' Grounds, City Of The Violet Crown, and CarterDosterSexton are verified, as are the P compositions.

created/copyright(s)     Title {collaborator(s)}
1984/1987 Let It Rip
1984/1987 My First Love (Was Rock And Roll)
1984/1987 Dance Dance Dance
1984/1987 '67 Buick A.F.
1986/1989 It's Time You Knew
1986/1988/1994 Richest Man
1987/1988 Na-Na-Ne-Na-Nay
1994 Drownin' On The Corner
1994 Jacob
1994 Lyin' Bout The Truth
1994/1995 Greg And Virginia
1994/1995 Fugitive Blues
1994/1995 Delta Country Girl
1994/1995 Tennessee Williams' Blues
1990/1995 Life Is Just A Circle {with Kent Dykes}
1992/1997 Devil And The Deep Blue Sea {and 4 other songs}
1995/1997 Zing Splash {with Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes & Sal Jenco}
1995/1997 Michael Stipe {with Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes & Sal Jenco}
1995/1997 Oklahoma {with Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes & Sal Jenco}
1995/1997 Jon Glenn (Mega Mix) {with Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes & Sal Jenco}
1995/1997 Mr. Officer {with Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes & Sal Jenco}
1995/1997 White Man Sings The Blues {with Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes & Sal Jenco}
1995/1997 Die Anne {with Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes & Sal Jenco}
1995/1997 Scrapings From Ring {with Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes & Sal Jenco}
1995/1997 The Deal {with Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes & Sal Jenco}
2002/2003 Whole Nother World {with Tony Villanueva}
2010/2011 Mystery Down Here {with Stephen Doster}
2010/2011 Guilty Eyes
2010/2011 What A Life
2011 Ball N' Chain
2011 Jolly Roger Flies
2011 Two More Bartender
2011 1 Mo' Dollar
2011 Never Again
2011 Feelz Like Rain
2011 Fez
2011 John Ireland
2011 April Mays
2013 Deep Soul Sermon
2013 Revelry
2013 Eva Bible
2013 Final Sacrifice
2013 Brain
2013 Fields Of Stone
2013 Can't Function
2013 Amerijuana
2013 Bel Air Motel
2013 Devil In Evilin
2013 Save You
Black Lion
Recipe For Disaster
Lost In A Day
Bughouse I Pasadena
Feel Town
Last Tear (Delaney's Song)
Fisherman's Daughter
Sooner Or Later
Missing Guru
Livin' In It
Moscow Girl
Solar Powered Radio
No More Runnin'

Ruth Carter Compositions - Mostly taken from US Copyright records.  Listed as Ruth Carter or Ruth Ellsworth Carter.

created/copyright(s)     Title {collaborator(s)}
2010 Sweet Sweet Soul {with Candace Bellamy and Jimi Calhoun}
2010 Just One Girl {with Candace Bellamy and Jimi Calhoun}
2010 Only God Can {with Candace Bellamy and Jimi Calhoun}
2010 A Thousand Shades Of Blue {with Candace Bellamy and Jimi Calhoun}
2010 Same Old You {with Candace Bellamy and Jimi Calhoun}
2010 Nobody's Watching But God {with Candace Bellamy and John Plasencio}
2013 New Year {with Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis}

Bill Carter Partial Discography

     These listings are taken from a combination of US Copyright records, info from Barnes & Noble, and scans from my own collection.  It is not meant to be a complete list and may very well have a lot of omissions!  Additions and corrections are always appreciated!

1985/1988 Bill Carter: Stompin' Grounds
1987/1988 Bill Carter (CBS) cassette (May be Loaded Dice)
1994 Bill Carter: City of the Violet Crown
1995 Bill Carter: Lifelong Rhapsody
1995 P: P
1996 Butthole Surfers: Electriclarryland (bass)
2001 Toni Price: Swim Away (contributor)
2003 Once Upon A Time In Mexico soundtrack ("Tonto's Giant Nuts")
2007 Stevie Ray Vaughan: Solos, Sessions & Encores (guest appearance)
2010 Candace Bellamy: A Thousand Shades Of Blue (acoustic guitar)
2011 CarterDosterSexton (CDS)
2011 Bill Carter: Behind The Barn
2011 Lulu Gainsbourg: From Gainsbourg To Lulu (mandolin on Sous Le Soleil Exactement)
2013 Bill Carter: Unknown
2013 West Of Memphis: Voices For Justice soundtrack
2013 Bill Carter: State Trooper (song)
2013 Kimmie Rhodes: Covers (harmonica and vocals on Cannibals and Little Help From My Friends)
Innocent Victims & Evil Companions

Please e-mail at if you have any corrections or additions!

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